Artist’s Statement

I have a continuing interest in the conditions and attributes of place – geographic, historic, scientific, structural, atmospheric, memoric – and the use of mixed materials to investigate ideas of association, response, discovery and more.

Place, for my purposes, describes a moment in time and my relational response to it. Materials are the raw substances and accumulations that serve as building blocks for creating something new. Inherent in these materials are the significant associations and intentions of their specific properties and use. Materials have included wood, metals, fabric, paper, found objects, acrylic, oil stick, pastel, graphite and more.

Choosing the best materials for any art piece is an important part of creating the artwork, and – through research – is related to the place and my response to it, while considering the viewers who engage with the work. My intention is to create art that engages, informs, and allows us to see the beauty of the world around us.