Threading Through Time

Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.  – Goethe

This artwork provides a fresh look at what began almost 20 years ago as field sketches and photographs that captured a moment, a feeling, or a personal response to time and place. A slight directional shift in my thinking has repercussions in the artwork’s development. Each piece begins in one place and ends in another. Some evolved into acrylic prints and pastel drawings, which became digitized imagery developed into woven tapestries. A few have progressed into collages enhanced with stitching, paint, paper, fabric scraps, found materials and more. Traditional techniques bind with contemporary, weaving layers informed by past and present.

My thoughts about earlier work also evolve over time through re-evaluation of the context and intent of each piece, reflecting expanded knowledge, personal changes, perceptions and concerns as I grow older. With more years behind me than ahead, life’s nuances hold more meaning and inspire new ways of thinking about the imagery, compelling next versions.


Gaining Momentum, 2021, cotton canvas, acrylic paint and strappo print, embroidery floss, 13.5 x 15.25 inches
Wave, 2020, acrylic strappo on paper, 10 x 10 inches



What’s Next? 2022, cotton/poly jacquard tapestry with embroidered overstitching of silk, and cotton, 24 x 24 inches
Fireworks, 2018, acrylic strappo print, 10 x 10 inches



Moss Memories ll, 2021, cotton/poly jacquard tapestry with embroidered overstitching, 36 x 36 inches
Moss Memories ll, Detail
Moss Memories, 2018, acrylic strappo print, 10 x 10 inches



Tidelines, 2021, cotton:poly jacquard tapestry with
Tidelines, 2018, acrylic strappo print, 10 x 10 inches



Lasting Legacy, 2020, cotton/poly jacquard tapestry with plastic overstitching, 47 x 36 inches
Dark Waters, 2006, 46 x 35 inches



Winds of Change, cotton/poly jacquard tapestry with embroidered overstitching,2020, 22 x 58 inches
Winds of Change, Detail
Early Morning Ease, 2009, pastel on paper, 15 x 39 inches