These shadow paintings explore how visual information is transmitted through shadow forms. While the imagery indicates the natural world, it is also self-referential, building on shapes and patterns that evolve in the making of the work. This is enhanced by the fact that I often work on a grid or in multiples, which makes it possible to arrange and rearrange the imagery into different groupings, allowing viewers to connect with the work in imaginative ways.


 Chasing Shadows, 2014, oil stick on wood, 8 x 16 inches each

Shadow Grasses, 2015, oil stick on wood, 10 x 10 inches each


Shadow Waves, oil paint stick on wood, 2015, 10 x 10 in. each

Black Shadow Series, variation 1, oil paint stick on paper on wood, 2014, 48 x 56 inches

Black Shadow Series, variation 3, 2014-15, 40 x 64 inches